CBA estimates return of R$ 1.5 million on Digital Twin

The technology enables the optimization of new factoring processes in operation or under design, through its digital twin, based on mathematical-computational modeling.


São Paulo, May 02, 2022 – Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) is again innovating through the Digital Twin technology, which creates a twin copy of the unit in digital format, importing items ranging from processes to machinery, so that optimization opportunities can be implemented even before the physical unit is created. At the Alumínio plant (SP), the company began using the technology six months before the distillation plant went live – a stage which consists of physically separating the molecular fractions of interest, breaking down the laminating oil into its original constitution so it can be reused in the process. A relatively short time after roll-out, CBA is already estimating a financial return of roughly R$ 1.5 million in a year.

The digital model was built in just three months, without the need for additional investment. To create the project, CBA put together a team of three professionals who developed the plant entirely in Python – an open-source general-purpose language used widely in data science, machine learning, web development, app development, script automation, fintechs etc. and put it into operation. As a result, the distillation unit’s digital twin shortened the time needed to reach maximum output, resulting in the digital twin achieving the project’s projected performance in just three months of operations. Had this been conducted directly on the physical plant, this would have taken between eight months to one year.

Because of the project’s success, CBA is now using digital simulators for components of one of its main rolling mills – a machine that works in the initial stages of reducing the thickness of cast aluminum. It aims to avoid breakages, extending the useful life and mitigating risks of operational stoppages. The rolling machine’s digital twin is expected to be completed this year.

The Digital Twin is just one of CBA’s multiple investments in technology and innovation in its processes. By 2025 the Company plans to invest in production line upgrades, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, robotization and process automation, operational mobility, digital integration in the chain with clients as well as pilot production lines and prototyping for agile development. The advances made under the so-called digital revolution now visible at the Company include the use of artificial intelligence, automation and analytics systems, virtual training and logistics solutions. This investment is part of the Company’s R$ 27.3 million investment in digital transformation projects.


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