We are the only aluminum player in Brazil with a fully vertically integrated value chain, from mine to end product. We produce and supply high-quality aluminum to a broad range of industries. We also recycle aluminum scrap from manufacturing.

Throughout the value chain and in our relations with employees, partners and customers, we act with integrity and respect for people, the environment and society.

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of bauxite processed per year
of casthouse products per year
of primary and semi-fabricated products per year
in aluminum recycling
(Aluminium Stewardship Initiative)


CBA is deeply committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. We think differently each day to create innovative solutions to today’s problems.

And we work to develop increasingly low-carbon aluminum products and sustainable solutions to the world’s challenges.

Learn more about our environmental, social and governance practices.

Read our Sustainability Manifesto.


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Aluminum foil for lithium-ion batteries to be manufactured in Brazil

Viability study to be carried out by Senai Paraná and Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio See more

CBA estimates return of R$ 1.5 million on Digital Twin

The technology enables the optimization of new factoring processes in operation or under design, through its digital twin, based on mathematical-computational modeling.   São Paulo, May 02, 2022 – Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) is again innovating through the Digital Twin technology, which creates a twin copy of the unit in digital format, importing items ranging […] See more

CBA invests in virtual reality to enhance maintenance training

São Paulo, April 26, 2022 – Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBAV3), the only company with integrated metal production in Brazil, is investing R$ 95 thousand in virtual reality technology to enhance maintenance training in the downstream business, in Alumínio (SP) and Itapissuma (PE). This is part of the Company’s R$ 27.3 million investment in digital transformation […] See more

CBA and SENAI-SP have opened registration for the second edition of the Open Innovation Program for startups

The goal is to challenge startups to look for solutions for Industry 4.0. See more

CBA’s Program of Professional Courses certifies over 250 women in different parts of Brazil

This initiative is a partnership with Senai and is part of CBA’s activities to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. See more

CBA is launching its Primora line of aluminum frames to capture a larger share of the construction market

São Paulo, February 08, 2022 – CBA – Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBAV3) is launching its Primora line of aluminum frames for windows, doors, and façades, focusing on medium to high-end projects. The goal is to capture a larger share of the construction market, supplying frame systems for builders and developers. These will be offered […] See more

CBA is selecting aluminum entrepreneurs and investing capital to drive its business

The 2021 Empreende Alumínio [Aluminum Entrepreneurism] program trained 107 entrepreneurs. Four finalist projects will receive seed capital to develop their business plans.   Alumínio, February 3, 2022 – The Empreende Alumínio project, a CBA (Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio) (CBAV3) initiative, in which it partnered with Instituto Votorantim and Instituto Meio, trained 107 entrepreneurs in the […] See more

CBA unveils Daniel Marrocos Camposilvan as Energy Business Officer

São Paulo, January 18, 2022 – The Board of Directors of CBA – Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBAV3) has today approved the appointment of Daniel Marrocos Camposilvan as Energy Business Officer as of February 01, 2022. The announcement of the new executive reinforces the process of insourcing the management of energy assets, with CBA now […] See more

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