CBA and SENAI-SP have opened registration for the second edition of the Open Innovation Program for startups

The goal is to challenge startups to look for solutions for Industry 4.0.


São Paulo, March 21, 2022 – Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio and SENAI-SP are launching the second edition of the CBA – UpLab Open Innovation Program, which will choose projects that develop solutions for Industry 4.0. The target public is startups that focus on innovation, and whose technology may be adapted to solve new challenges. Registration is open from March 21 through May 08, 2022.

Given the success of last year’s program, this year the program brings a few innovations. Among them are expanded challenges, which now include possibilities for alumina refining and CBA’s foundry. Furthermore, each unit will pose different challenges to participants, who may choose which lines they want to apply for, such as:

  • Foundry: Energy Efficiency, Automated Systems, and Operating Efficiency;
  • Alumina Refining Monitoring Systems, Operating Efficiency, Automated Systems, and Automated Devices.


Program Benefits

 In addition to challenging startups to develop innovative processes, the CBA – UpLab Open Innovation Program also offers participants a number of benefits. All those selected will be monitored (high-touch level) by SENAI-SP and CBA mentors and professionals specializing in technology, research, and development, as well as by experts in business and innovation. Startups will also have a chance to interact directly with CBA, which is interested in solutions for its challenges. Proposals may be in the validation stage or already approved by the market for direct implementation.

For this reason, CBA has decided that all selected startups will have technology support for project preparation and improvement, and will have the Senai – SP infrastructure available, which has a total of 40 Technology and Innovation Institutes and Hubs.

Seek’s Guilherme Castiglioni, who was one of those selected in last year’s program, sees a lot of positives from his participation. “The program provided major innovation opportunities. Together with CBA, we are achieving results in process standardization, optimization, and safety. With a view to expanding into new technologies, we believe that CBA will provide hundreds of new opportunities in the coming years,” he said.


About the selection process

Up to 15 of the startups registered will be selected, and may have their projects improved and/or accelerated by CBA’s Open Innovation Program. This initiative will provide advice for capturing solutions that focus on the challenges proposed, from establishing the scope, disclosure, and selection of the startups, to completion of their development using the UpLab-SENAI-SP acceleration approach.

This process will be split into two phases and nine steps. The first is comprised of selection, which includes registration, pre-selection, video interviews, briefing, and pitch day, with two new steps added: development of a PoC (Proof of Concept) and demo day.

Those elected to advance to the proof of concept stage will have 8 weeks to prepare a PoC to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of their solution. Development may be funded, at the discretion of CBA. Demo-day will take place after this step to demonstrate the results of the PoC.

Those approved will move on to the next phase of acceleration and/or improvement, at the discretion of CBA, followed by the last step of solution implementation at CBA.

The startups selected for the second phase will receive a proposal for investment in the development and implementation of the solution by CBA.

To register or for further information on the regulations, please go to


About UpLab

In line with industry’s strategic demands for innovation, SENAI-SP’s UpLab offers a set of tools that transform ideas into innovative solutions.
The proposals are developed end-to-end for industry, from the strategic definition of the innovation verticals through delivery of the R&D, applying the best Design, Entrepreneurism, and Innovation techniques.

Positioning itself as a hub of industry connections and solutions, it offers residence and incubation programs for startups and innovation teams, with access to the co-working complex, the internet, printers and office supplies, meeting rooms, areas for collective mentoring, rest, and coffee, as well as opportunities to connect and strengthen the ecosystem’s network.


About CBA

Founded in 1955, Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) is a vertically integrated, sustainable producer of high-quality aluminum products.

With hydroelectric generation capacity for 100% of our energy requirement, CBA’s operations span both bauxite mining and processing into primary aluminum (ingots, billets, rod and slabs) and semi-fabricated products (plate, sheet, foil and profiles). Working closely with customers, CBA also develops tailored solutions and services for the packaging and transportation markets, helping customers to produce more lightweight, durable and sustainable products.

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