CBA 4.0



We believe that innovation means continuously striving to do things better. This is an imperative if we are to fulfill our promise of being responsive and ready to meet the most demanding of challenges.

That is why we are pursuing our CBA 4.0 journey to incorporate a digital mindset into our culture. We call it a “journey” because we believe there is no finish line: we are always moving forward and further.

CBA 4.0 comprises four pillars:


Fostering an agile mindset, a digital culture, and new approaches and thinking.


A focus on competitive differentiators and maximizing results by reinventing and simplifying processes.


Implementing enabling technologies, such as mobility, cognition and the Internet of Things, to drive business growth.


Minimizing corporate risks stemming from new technologies, and protecting data, information and people.

Through our digital transformation, more than ever technology is becoming an important enabler of our day-to-day activities—including remote working—making us more agile and connected.

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